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Why Your Event Needs Professional Lighting

Why Your Event Needs Professional Lighting

Professional lighting is one of the most important elements of an event. It can breathe life into a space, transforming it with color and motion, making a great impression on guests.

Despite being so important, lighting is something that's often overlooked. Without good lighting, a venue can look drab, with underwhelming, flat photos potentially affecting your brand perception.

With the success of an event depending so much on lighting, it's always best to work with an event lighting team like Eclectic Events. Keep reading to see how event lighting hire is a simple and effective way to make your event go off with a bang.

What is event lighting?

Most venues will provide the bare minimum in terms of lighting. This means chandeliers or spotlights overhead that provides flat lighting across the entire venue space. While this might be great for practical purposes, it can be drab looking for certain types of events.

Event lighting takes things to another level using various lighting techniques to produce the desired effect. These techniques include uplighting, starry night effects, black lighting, color LED background lighting, moving head lighting, and more.

Event lighting companies will help design a bespoke lighting solution with you that not only makes your event look better but can also have practical purposes too.

After agreeing to a design, high-tech lighting solutions are installed throughout the venue. These are then coordinated with the event to showcase various aspects as and when necessary.

Event lighting directs attention

One of the main reasons people use professional lighting hire is to help dictate the flow and direction of an event. Maintaining focus on presentations, speeches, talks, and discussions can often be helped through specific lighting solutions tailored by event lighting teams.

In the case of an awards ceremony or seminar, for example, lighting can help focus attention on a stage, particularly a podium where hosts and speakers will address an audience.

This can be enhanced with carefully chosen backlighting to draw attention through complementary colours and subtle cues such as motion.

Gives the right impression

Flat, basic lighting can be a sign to attendees that your organization lacks attention to detail. Good lighting can give your event a professional touch, however, making guests feel like they're attending something grand.

This happens as soon as guests walk into the venue. Upon entering, guests will form an opinion on the space that is largely dictated by the lighting. Getting things right is therefore crucial.

In handing over the reins to a professional team, you guarantee a good first impression. They know what works and what doesn't based on skills and experiences, using this knowledge to create a balanced, effective light design.

Reliable, stress-free setup

Organizing an event is stressful and time-consuming enough without having to learn lighting theory. In hiring a professional lighting team, you can take one thing off your to-do list and guarantee an effective atmosphere.

Using a professional lighting team is therefore one of the best ways to alleviate the stress of event planning. Whether you have specific requirements or you're looking for guidance, lighting teams can work with you to devise a solution that meets your needs and makes the right impression.

With all equipment safety checked and routinely tested, there's no need to worry about reliability either.

Better photos

Providing diverse, interesting lighting for an event also makes the photos pop. This can be especially effective for brand promotion when photos are shared online for the world to see.

Used on social media, publications, and on a company website, opting for professional lighting is an investment in how your organization is perceived. Professional lighting will deliver a specific atmosphere of your choosing, reflecting your brand, projecting a logo, or simply giving the right vibe.

For corporate events especially, post-event photos are one of the most important ways to showcase an organization. Great lighting creates a mood that photographers and videographers can capture and give a sense of luxury to the proceedings.


Even the most well-planned event can be let down by poor lighting. It’s important then to budget for event lighting and reaps the many benefits of working with a professional team.

Contact Eclectic Events

If you need professional lighting services for your next event, contact Eclectic Events now. Our team of experienced lighting designers and engineers can take away the guesswork, keep things within budget, and ensure guests have a great time.

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