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Why A School Prom Needs A DJ

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Why A School Prom Needs A DJ

It’s always intimidating to organise your school’s prom night as you need to make sure that all of the important components are in place to make it as special and memorable an event as possible. And, with music being such a crucial part of any school prom, playing ‘canned music’ based on the latest hits just won’t cut it. you need to choose a professional DJ that will become the centrepiece of your school’s prom and make the event one that your students will enjoy and remember for many years to come.

Reasons why your next school prom needs a DJ:

Master Of Ceremonies- any event requires a good MC. A professional DJ is more than just someone who keeps the music playing. As the Master of Ceremonies, a DJ keeps the event going and dynamic. DJs set the proper mood for the school prom, when it’s time for a fun dance or time for a romantic one. They can make a real difference during the party. A good DJ is able to read the crowd and determine the appropriate song for the occasion. They know when to bring out the chicken dance or a romantic slow song. They always get things moving and quietly fade into the background during special moments.

Handling Requests- professional DJs have an extensive library of songs that are appropriate for everyone. Some teachers could ask for a few 80’s classics that work well for slow dances. Some DJs may even have some obscure songs from a very popular singer that everyone would love to listen to.

Proper Equipment- it’s easy for anyone to make a basic DJ system with just a laptop, speakers and a good collection of songs. However, prom night requires good DJ equipment. It can be embarrassing if the audience is barely able to listen to the music because the speakers are inadequate. Distorted music with whispering lyrics won’t make the experience enjoyable either.

Maintain Etiquette- professional DJs ensure good etiquette all night long. They know how to greet the audience, announce toasts and do many other things. During prom nights, the excitement can grow as the night wears on. Professional DJs know how to maintain proper etiquette and discipline among the audience. If you hire a professional DJ, you could be sure that everything will work smoothly, and everyone will have a good time.

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