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Innovative Lighting Trends For Special Events, Weddings And Nightclubs

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Innovative Lighting Trends For Special Events

Innovative lighting can change the atmosphere of any event and enable your guests to have a great time. The combination of appropriate lighting, great music and good food significantly enhances any experience, regardless of the situation and location.

From birthdays, school dances and wedding receptions, to corporate events, holiday parties and more, the right lighting can make your event that much more memorable for you and your guests.

Keeping that in mind, here are some of the latest lighting trends that you will see this year:

Special Events

Crystals- traditional crystal chandeliers are declining, but the use of crystal with industrial chic and geometric angles is on the rise. Look out for crystals with dynamic structures and unique shapes.

Industrial Approach- in 2020, the industrial vibe is big. The cold sharpness of industrial metal could be blended with the warmth of Edison bulbs to achieve an ideal level of aesthetics.

Colourful Neon- blue, green, orange and pink neon can make things look extraordinary in special events. Neon lighting is always accessible and affordable.

Digital Implementations- for quicker and more versatile control, lighting equipment can be controlled digitally. It’s not only for switching lighting on and off, but also for changing direction, intensity and colour.

Lighting for a party - Eclectic Events


Disco Balls- disco balls are so 1970’s, but they are returning to the wedding scene. In 2020, disco balls are one of the biggest trends in wedding décor. A lone disco ball could become the centrepiece of any wedding party.

Bistro Lighting- bistro lighting is ideal for outdoor wedding receptions with its charming twist.

Hanging Candles- it’s an innovative, thoughtful and visually pleasing use of indoor space. Hanging candles are unique and romantic.

Pathway Lights- it’s a unique path to a happily ever after conclusion! String multiple Edison lights along the walkway or path. Alternatively, you can also use candles in hurricane holders.

Hanging Outdoor Lights- for outdoor use, you can hang lights in any particular fashion. Randomly positioned colourful lights in different locations and heights could create an enchanted look to outdoor receptions.

Outdoor Lighting by Eclectic Events. London

Night Clubs

Instrumentalised lighting- for better control and scrutiny, lighting in night clubs can be instrumentalised. This makes lighting far more versatile. As an example, instrumentalised lighting could better match experimental electronic music in night clubs.

LED Lighting- LED lighting allows for more effective dimming and it’s also very durable. LED lighting for night clubs could have 100,000 hours of operations or equal to more than 15 years with 18 hours of daily use.

Led lighting for your party - Eclectic Events London

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