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Choosing a DJ for your Corporate Event: 5 Key Factors to Consider

After what seems like forever in isolation, glazing over during Zoom meetings, and spending countless hours staring at a computer screen, society is finally ready to back outside and into the real world. And with that, now more than ever, employees are eager to add some social “face time” to their work life. Enter corporate events, the answer to all your employee’s wishes.

Corporate events are a surefire way to boost your employees’ morale by providing them with an environment to socialize, relax, drink, and enjoy the company of people they have been longing to meet in person. It’s also a great way to promote employee satisfaction by bringing all departments together who would’ve otherwise never had a chance to meet.

Of course, as with any other social event, the music can truly make (or break) the party. A great mix of music can bring life and fun to the party, while the wrong choice of music (or worse, no music at all) will have your employees anxiously waiting for the first bold person to leave the party so they can follow suit. To ensure that your corporate event is unforgettable, you’ll need to choose a great DJ to serve up the best music all night (or afternoon) long.

Unlike opting to blast a Spotify playlist from a pair of Bluetooth speakers, a DJ is skilled at carefully selecting and mixing the right music at the right time to provide the right energy when it truly matters. Whether your company personnel loves new pop hits, oldies, or something in between, a great DJ will find a creative and seamless way to bring them all into the mix.

So now that you know you should hire a DJ, the question remains: How do you find a DJ who is truly best for your corporate event needs and is up for the task? We’re here to help. Without further ado, let’s take a look at five key factors to consider as you’re going through the process of choosing the right DJ for your corporate event. Cheers to great times (and music) ahead!

5 Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Corporate Event DJ

#1: Previous Reviews & Experience.

Just as you would with any other service provider, some of the first things you should consider when looking for a DJ are their previous reviews and experience, specifically when it comes to corporate events. For example, you may find some DJs may have hundreds of positive reviews, only to find that they are all coming from wedding clients or gigs they’ve held at local bars.

While these DJs may indeed be great at their craft, you would be best served by finding a DJ who has experience (and positive reviews) specifically with corporate events. He/she will be confident and comfortable with the unique requirements that corporate events demand.

#2: Professionalism (or Lack Thereof).

Aside from actually having the experience needed to begin with, this is arguably the most important factor to consider, especially for corporate events. While wedding crowds may be more open to foul language in music and punchy lines from the DJ, a corporate event requires more professionalism and reasonable limits to ensure that the event remains a safe and comfortable space for all parties.

A great corporate event DJ will know how to speak and when to speak, what to play and what to avoid, and to behave in a way that is fun yet professional.

#3: Quality Equipment.

Sure, you can hire the most skilled DJ in your area, but if their equipment stack is subpar or otherwise low quality, then their set at your event will likely do more bad than good. While skill trumps quality equipment in other service industries, being a great DJ means having both amazing skill and premium-quality equipment to match.

As you look for the best DJ for your corporate event, be sure to inquire about their equipment stack. A great DJ will have a high-quality speaker system, mixing board, microphone(s), amps, and the list goes on.

#4: DJ’s Style and Musical Knowledge.

Since corporate events tend to bring together people from many different backgrounds and walks of life, the musical taste at these events tends to vary greatly as well. While some DJs focus on creating their own personal flavor of music, a great DJ for company events will have extensive knowledge of the many different genres of music that exist.

To help your DJ prepare for the big day, be sure to provide them with a general list of your company personnel’s music preferences. This will help them prepare for a successful set while also serving as a confirmation of their confidence in your company’s musical preferences.

#5: Organization and Punctuality.

Just as you would expect company employees to be punctual and organized, the same is required of a DJ, especially when it comes to corporate events. Imagine colleagues showing up to your corporate event, only to find that the air is stiff and quiet because the DJ is an hour late. Be sure to choose a DJ who has great reviews in the category of timeliness.

On the same token, a great DJ will be well-organized with both their physical equipment and their music library. With a lack of organization, a DJ may end up having awkward pauses between songs/sets as they fumble through their equipment and/or library. A great corporate event DJ will be well-organized and capable of improvising with a moment’s notice to keep the event fun, engaging, and enjoyable for all parties in attendance.

When working with Eclectic Events, you can rest assured that your event will be a seamless, engaging, and unforgettable experience for all attendees.

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