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5 Ways an Event Company Makes Your Life Easier

5 Ways an Event Company Makes Your Life Easier

Organizing an event is not easy. Ask anyone with experience and they'll tell you that keeping everything in sync and within budget can be difficult and quite stressful too. Hours of Googling, critical decisions, endless checklists, and logistical issues are taxing enough but add the risk of event-ruining oversights and even the best of us can wish we had some help.

This is where an events agency like Eclectic Events comes in. From fundraisers and product launches to conferences and social functions, event companies streamline the entire process, using insider knowledge to make sure things go off without a hitch.

Below, you'll find just 5 of the reasons you should consider hiring an event company and how they can make your life a lot easier.

1. Connections and experience

In hiring an event company, you gain access to a wealth of specialized knowledge regarding locations, venues, acts, lighting, music, and logistics.

Rather than spending hours researching and scanning reviews, event companies know what works and what doesn't thanks to years of experience. Each will have their own personal database of their preferred venues and can also provide intimate knowledge of locations suitable for your event.

That way, there are no nasty surprises and you can rest assured the venue will impress.

In establishing long-term partnerships, event agencies will also have access to the best suppliers available. Through these partnerships, event companies can supply the very best DJs and live acts to keep everyone entertained. They also know first-hand which caterers work best and for what events. To complete the atmosphere event companies will have specialist knowledge of lighting and sound solutions to create the perfect atmosphere.

2. Risk management

One of the most intimidating aspects of hosting an event can be risk management. Keeping everyone happy while at the event is more than just putting on a good show and serving up drinks. It also involves making sure everyone is safe.

Making sure insurance, certifications, and contingency plans are all in place is something that's often overlooked by DIY event planners. This process involves understanding what’s required as well as the time to track and chase up everything needed.

Is all the equipment PAT tested? Does the event venue have suitable fire escape routes? What happens in the event of a medical emergency? Can you serve alcohol? Do the caterers have an up-to-date Food and Hygiene certificate? What about public liability insurance?

In choosing an event company, you take away the guesswork. They know what's needed for your event and make sure everything is compliant.

3. Smooth logistics

Even the most meticulously planned event can go wrong if someone doesn't turn up when they're meant to. Especially considering event hosting involves juggling deliveries, thousands of questions, organizing build projects, the arrival of supplies, catering, acts, and a lot more.

For non-professional planners or event committees, this can all prove extremely stressful.

Event companies know from experience how to handle the logistics of an event. This involves using suppliers they trust and can rely on to show up when they're meant to. Event companies have experience and systems in place to make sure everything is on track, kept in sync and the event runs smoothly.

And, if any surprises do occur, event companies will have contingency plans in place to make sure the event can continue.

4. Cost and time savings

Organizing an event can stretch even the most generous of budgets without the right connections and experience. Events companies can help you get the most for your money and ensure things stay within budget.

We understand all the costs involved and know the variations in price that can be expected. We can help negotiate costs for venues, lean on our existing partnerships, and use bulk-booking discounts to help bring down expenses elsewhere for you.

Not only does this help balance the books, but it saves you time too. Employee event committees can provide staff with a good challenge but can also detract staff from other duties. Rather than getting bogged down trying to find a decent DJ, for example, event agencies already know them.

Working with an events agency, then, means worker time is not wasted and also keeps your purchasing power high.

5. Professional Audio & Lighting solutions

While it might not seem that important, the audio and lighting of an event are one of the most important aspects.

A clear microphone, great-sounding music, and the right lighting can turn a fun event into something truly spectacular. Using sound and light, guests will remain engaged and know where to focus their attention.

Rather than attempting DIY solutions or hiring equipment, event companies will have in-house or working relationships with professional audio-visual teams. These specialize in making a venue look and sound its best. This can make a huge difference to the perception of an event and, with an event company, can be worked into even the tightest budget.


While the idea of putting together an event sounds fun, it can prove extremely stressful for an inexperienced organizer. Perhaps most importantly, bringing in an events company to help means personal well-being is never compromised and guarantees a successful event that’s fun for everyone involved.

Contact Eclectic Events

If you need an event company to help with your next event, contact Eclectic Events now. Our team of experienced event organizers can take away the guesswork, keep things within budget, and ensure guests have a great time.

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